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Rock Oil S.U.T.O Super Universal Tractor Oil 15w30


Rock Oil SUTO Super Universal Tractor Oil 15w30

SUTO 15W-30 Super Universal Tractor Oil

SUTO 15W-30 is blended using highly refined mineral oil and superior industry leading additive technology.


  • High load carrying capacities and high shear stability to withstand the forces imposed by transmission systems.
  • The high viscosity index allows the oil to stay at operational viscosity throughout a wide temperature range thus exhibiting excellent cold engine starting properties whilst maintaining maximum protection at high temperatures and under arduous working conditions.
  • The high viscosity index characteristics also ensure smooth operation of hydraulic systems even at low temperature.
  • Superior drive train protection where spiral, bevel, hypoid and spur gears are used.
  • Complete seal compatibility.
  • Frictional characteristics suitable for the various materials used in transmissions and final drives, ensuring smooth efficient gear changes with minimum down time.
  • Contains friction modifying additive for smooth engagement of Multiplate Oil immersed (wet) brakes and power take-off clutches and prevents the generation of 'squawk & chatter'.
  • Suitable for all engines whether they are petrol or diesel turbo-charged or naturally aspirated.
  • Gives full protection for all types of Hydraulic Pump whether Piston, Vane or Gear design.
  • Outstanding filterability resulting in longer life for filters and hydraulic equipment.

SUTO 15W-30 meets or exceeds the following specifications:

  • API
  • SE/CD
  • TO-2
  • C-3

Typical Physical Characteristics

Viscosity Grade SAE 15W-30
Density @15C 0.881
Viscosity @40C 77.9 cSt
Viscosity @100C 10.7 cSt
Viscosity Index 123
Appearance Clear amber liquid
Product Code 01130

Available in 5 litre, 25 litre, 210 litre and bulk